Up Ron & Marjolijn's holiday pictures » 2004-06 Chile-Bolivia-Peru » 02-Chile-Parcue National Lauca Slideshow

01-Geoglyfen on the hills along the Lluta valley
02-Misty clouds around Poconchile
03-The church of Poconchile
04-The cemetary
05-A very old cactus
06-View of a dry canyon
07-A beautifull rough and empty landscape
08-A beautifull landscape
09-Drinking coca tea at 3370 m (against altitude sickness)
12-This is not moss, but a very slow growing plant, only growing at high altitude, here at 4470 m
14-Volcanos Pomerape (6.282 m) left and Parinacota (6.342 m) right
15-A curious lama
16-Marjolijn is viewing here pictures, the lama is watching
17-Nevado Sajama, at 6.542 the highest mountain of Bolivia
18-A typical shop in Putre
19-This bottle is emtied at 4.600 m and now compressed at sea leve

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