Up Ron & Marjolijn's holiday pictures » 2004-06 Chile-Bolivia-Peru » 09-Bolivia-La Paz Slideshow

01-On the airport with the Lllimani in the distance
02-The witches market, more for tourists
03-The crowded Plaza San Francisco
04-No customers
05-See-through in the Sagarnaga
06-The historic location Tiahuanaco
07-Excavetet remains
08-More excavetet remains
09-God of the Sun
10-Another god
11-Detail of the head
12-La Paz, in the background the Lllimani (6438 m)
13-The Catadral on the Plaza Murillo
14-Feeding pigeons on the Plaza Murillo
15-An old American bus
16-Bickers gather for the decsent to Coroico
17-The descent to Coroico
18-High and very steep
20-Coca plants, growing legal
21-Rio Coroico
22-Steeper and steeper
23-Sometimes it goes wrong
24-But the cargo is saved
Very dangerous route, better no oncoming 25-traffic

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