Up Ron & Marjolijn's holiday pictures » 2005-06 Ecuador-Galapagos » 30-Galapagos-Isla Espanola Slideshow

01-Marine Iguanas
02-Marine Iguanas
03-Blue-footed Booby
04-Blue-footed Booby
05-Masked Booby
06-Courting Masked Booby
07-Blue-footed Booby with chick
08-Blue-footed Booby
09-Young Blue-footed Booby
10-Waved Albetross
11-Waved Albetross
12-Waved Albetross with chick
13-Courting Waved Albetrosses
14-Waved Albetross
15-Hood Mockingbird
17-Marjolijn with Sea Lion
18-Marine Iguanas
19-Galápagois Fur Seal
20-American Oystercatcher
21-The farewell cake
22-The guide explains it all again

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