Up Ron & Marjolijn's holiday pictures » 2006-09 China-Tibet » 01-Beijing Slideshow

01-Rickshaws near the Drum Tower
02-In the Drum Tower
03-The Bell Tower
04-The Bell Tower
05-The Yinding brug
06-Qianhai Lake
07-Grilled chicken
08-Another food stall
09-Children in a playpen
10-Cooking on coal briquettes
11-Moving playpen
12-On the way to the Forbiden City
13-National Museum with the Olympic clock 2007
14-To the left the Hall of Supreme Harmony
15-Typical ceiling
16-Ceiling in the pagoda in the Imperial Garden
17-Hall of Supreme Harmony
19-Typical tiles
20-Hall of Central Harmony
21-No name
22-Meridian Gate
23-Kunming Lake
24-Detail of a roof
25-Heralding Spring Pavilion
26-Kunming Lake
27-Writing with water
28-Romantic place
29-Palacio de Verano
30-I don't know the name
31-Cruise boot
32-Bridge to the small island
33-All kind of people are doing an act on Sunday
35-Two string violin
36-And more singing
37-Temple of Heaven
38-Inside the Temple of Heaven
39-Detail of the roof of the Temple of Heaven
40-Entrance Temple of Heaven
41-Tian'anmen Gate
42-Great Hall of the People
43-Monument of the People's Heroes
44-Mausoleum of Mao Zedong
45-Qianmen Gate
46-Beijing North Railway Station
47-Our train to Xi'an
48-Our own Great Wall

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