Up Ron & Marjolijn's holiday pictures » 2006-09 China-Tibet » 03-Xi'an Slideshow

01-The Witches Market
03-The Witches Market
04-The Witches Market
06-On the parkinglot near the Terracotta Army
07-Terracotta Army in hall 1
08-Terracotta Army in hall 1
09-Terracotta Army in hall 1
10-Terracotta Army in hall 1
11-Terracotta Army in hall 1
12-Terracotta Army in hall 2
13-Terracotta Army in hall 2
14-The Imperial Golden Carriage
15-In front of hall 3
16-City wall
17-Biking over the city wall
18-Just Biking
19-The red carpet is already rolled out for us!
20-Train station Xi'an
21-Old en new
22-View from the city wall
23-Drum Tower
24-Drum Tower in the background
25-Drum Tower in the background
26-Drum Tower
27-On the terrain of the Great Mosque
28-On the terrain of the Great Mosque
29-On the terrain of the Great Mosque
30-On the terrain of the Great Mosque
31-Drum Tower at night

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