Up Ron & Marjolijn's holiday pictures » 2006-09 China-Tibet » 06-Around Xiahe Slideshow

01-Ganjia grasslands
02-They are building a lot of houses for Chinese
03-We would sleep in the left tent on the ground without a mat and blankets. Because it could freeze at night we did not do it
04-Sheep in the grasslands
05-The old village from the clay wall around it
06-The old village from the clay wall around it
07-Real  Tibetans
08-A real Tibetan
09-A real Tibetan
10-She brought water from the tap outside the village
11-A big loom
12-View on the monastry
13-The exit
15-Prayer weels around the monastry, they walk counter clock wise!
17-Decorerated entrance
19-Beautifull decorated door
20-Decorerated ceiling
21-In the prayer hall
22-In the prayer hall
23-Beautifull decorated door
24-Prayer books in the monastry
25-Praying pilgrim
26-On the mountain behind the monastry
27-The harvest is brought in
28-The harvest is brought in

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