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01-On the road from the airport to Lhasa
02-The Great Buddha in Nyethang
03-Drepung Monastry
04-Prayer wheels and mother with (big) child
05-Pans in the monastry kitchen
06-Buddha in the Drepung Monastry
07-Decoration in the prayer room
08-Drepung Monastry
09-Drepung Monastry
10-Drepung Monastry, door of a monks cell
11-Drepung Monastry
12-Drepung Monastry
13-Butcher on the market in the muslim quarter
14-Herbs on the market
15-Prosternating pilgrims
16-In the Jokhan Monastry
17-In the Jokhan Monastry, view of the Potala Palace
18-Bharkhor Square
19-Stupa on Barkhor Square
20-In the Jokhan Monastry
21-In the Jokhan Monastry
22-Pilgrims on Barkhor Square
24-Candles in front of the Jokhan Monastry
26-Thermos flasks with molten yak butter to burn candles in the monastery
31-Potala Palace
32-View on Lhasa from the Potala Palace
33-Ganden Monastry
34-Scenery from the mountain behind the monastry
35-Marjolijn crawls under the prayer flags for a walk around the monastery
36-Scenery from the mountain
37-Walk around the monastry
38-Scenery from the mountain
39-Scenery from the mountain
40-The mountain
41-The sky burial, here the dead are deposited and eaten by the vultures
42-Monks in the temple

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