Up Ron & Marjolijn's holiday pictures » 2007-09 Nepal-Tibet » 11-Everest Slideshow

01-On the Lhakpa La Pass (5267 m)
02-On the Lhakpa La Pass
03-On the Lhakpa La Pass
04-On the Pang La Pass (5150 m) with Mount Everest in the distance
05-Pang La Pass
06-On the Pang La Pass
07-A sun cooker
08-Tibetan woman
09-Tibetan with child
10-Mount Everest
11-Mount Everest again
12-Posing in front of the highest mountain of the world
13-On the way to the police post, the point where you are not allowed to go any further
14-Mount Everest as close as a tourist can come
15-A lot of spectators
16-The road from the base camp to the Everest police post
17-Mount Everest at sunset
18-Mount Everest at sunrise
19-In our tent in the base camp
20-The base camp
21-The heaters are turned up
22-Towards Tingri
23-Towards Tingri
24-Towards Tingrii, with the Cho Uyo (8188 m)
25-On the Lalung La Pass (5008 m)
26-On the Thong La Pass (5146 m)

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