Up Ron & Marjolijn's holiday pictures » 2007-11 Kenia » 04-Masai-Mara Slideshow

01-Lioness with pray
02-Lioness with pray
03-Lioness with pray
04-The vultures are waiting
05-Playing lioness
07-Lioness passes in front of the bus
08-Lion cubs
09-A lot of wildebeests
10-And more, also zebras. they are often together
11-Ron is searching for game
12-Loin and lioness
13-Corpses of wildebeests in the Mara River
14-Corpses of wildebeests in the Mara River
15-At the bridge crossing the Mara River
16-Marjolijn with our driver
17-Young cheetahs
18-Young cheetah
19-Crocodile on the bank of the Mara River
20-Wildebeest corpses in the Mara river
22-Spiesbok or oryx

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