Up Ron & Marjolijn's holiday pictures » 2008-02 Chili-Argentina » 06-Calafate Slideshow

01-A scunk
04-Near El Calafate
05-Scenery near El Calafate
06-In front of our hotel
07-Christina Kisner, president of Argentina
08-On the way to the Perito Moreno glacier
09-View of the glacier
10-View of the glacier
11-Puerto Perito Moreno, to the glacier with the boat
12-The glacier from the lake
13-The glacier from the lake
14-Collapsing glacier (1)
15-Collapsing glacier (2)
16-Collapsing glacier (3)
17-The beautifull blue glacier
18-The point were the glacier blocks the Canal de los Témpanos
19-Calafate berries
21-A good Argentinian wine
22-The road to Puerto Bandera in the early morning
23-Puerto Bandera
24-Marjolijn on the touristboot to the glaciers
25-A lot new snow this night
26-Upsala glacier
27-A big iceberg from the Upsala glacier
28-Onother big iceberg from the Upsala glacier
29-Very old ice without enclosed air
30-Small boot and big iceberg
31-Bahia Onelli
32-Lake at the foot of three glaciers
33-The lake at the foot of the three glaciers
34-The lake at the foot of the three glaciers
35-Upsala glacier
36-Upsala glacier with big icebergs
37-Upsala glacier
38-Upsala glacier
39-Upsala glacier
40-Upsala glacier
41-Spegazinne glacier
42-Spegazinne glacier
43-Spegazinne glacier
44-Spegazinne glacier
45-Spegazinne glacier

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