Up Ron & Marjolijn's holiday pictures » 2008-02 Chili-Argentina » 10-Tierra del Fuego Slideshow

01-The ferry to Tierra del Fuego
02-Lighthouse at Punta Delgada
03-On the ferry to Tierra del Fuego
04-On the ferry to Tierra del Fuego crossing the Strait of Magellan
05-Leaving the ferry on Terra del Fuego
06-Welcome in Chile
07-Chilean bordercrossing
08-Somewere in Terra del Fuego
09-Lago Escondido
10-Sunset over the Beagle Channel
11-Ushuaia, the end of the world
12-On the Beagle Channel
13-Beagle Channel with mountains on Isla Hoste
14-Monte Darwin just in the clouds
15-Faro Les Eclaireurs
16-Faro Les Eclaireurs
17-Lots of cormorants
18-Lots of cormorants
19-Some kind of sea-gull
22-Seals, cormorants and tourists
23-Ushuaia from the Beagle Channel
24-Beagle Channel
26-Flora on the island
27-Beagle Channel and Isla Hoste
30-Lovely couple
33-Seals and our boot
34-Home made Kalua, cheers
35-Glacier le Martial
36-Cablecars to Glacier le Martial
37-View on Ushuaia
38-Take off of a cormorant

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