Up Ron & Marjolijn's holiday pictures » 2008-10 North India » 12-Ramgarh Slideshow

01-Narayan Niwas Castle, our hotel
02-Narayan Niwas Castle, our hotel
03-Old grave tomb
05-Wall painting in old grave tomb
06-The mosque
07-Wall painting in old grave tomb
08-Old grave tomb
09-Beautifull carved wooden door
10-Beautifull carved wooden door
11-Old Haveli (private mansion)
12-Old Haveli (private mansion)
13-Beautifull tower
15-Selling golden ornaments
16-Entrance of a restored Haveli
17-Entrance of a restored Haveli
18-Residents of a restored Haveli
19-Cooking in a restored Haveli
20-Resident of a restored Haveli
21-Room in a restored Haveli
22-Room in a restored Haveli
23-Room in a restored Haveli
26-Entrance of the Rani Sati Temple
27-In the Rani Sati Temple
28-Rani Sati Temple
29-Schoolchildren visiting the Rani Sati Temple
30-Camel plough
31-Camel dung for making a fire

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