Up Ron & Marjolijn's holiday pictures » 2009-11 South India » 04-Trichy Slideshow

02-A priest is waiting for customers
03-Pelgrims are purifing themselves
04-Purifing locations
05-Temple elephant
06-Pelgrims are purifing themselves
07-Bathing ghat in the Cauvrey river
08-Bathing in the river
09-Offerings for the pelgrims
10-Divya Desam, the first wall
11-The thirth wall
12-View to the south
13-The golden dome over the sanctum
14-Marjolijn on the temple roof
15-Inside the temple
16-Horse pillars
17-The main hall
18-White Goburam
20-The holy cow is asking for his share
21-Sugarcane press
22-Lady of Lourdes Church
23-Inside the Lady of Lourdes Church
24-The way to the Rock Temple
25-View from the Rock Temple
26-A cheeky monkey
27-A shop full of shining pans

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