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01-Rice field
02-Feeding the goats
03-Explanation at the temple entrance
04-Kesava Temple
05-Detail of the Kesava Temple
06-In the Kesava Temple
07-In the Kesava Temple
08-In front of the Kesava Temple
09-Detail Kesava Temple
10-Detail Kesava Temple
11-Detail Kesava Temple
12-Detail Kesava Temple
13-Local bus
14-Fresh coconut milk
15-Music for some party
16-Some party
17-Children at the party
18-The Palace entrance
19-Shri Varahaswamy Temple
20-The Palace from the south
21-Gold-plated Palace Domes
22-The Palace from the south
23-Front of the Palace
24-Palace exit
25-KR Circle
26-Devaraj Market
27-Devaraj Market
28-Devaraj Market, paint
29-Devaraj Market, flowers
30-Palace at night
31-Monkey's trowing coconuts to the visitors
33-Flying dogs, sleeping
34-Flying dog, sleeping
35-Flying dog, sleeping
36-Flying dog
37-Kind of gul
38-Spoon Bill
40-Fishing pelican
41-Jama Masjid Mosque
42-The guard
43-Tipu's Summer Palace
44-Tipu's Summer Palace entrance
45-Entrance to the Mausoleum
46-Tipu's Mausoleum
47-A door of Tipu's Mausoleum
48-Tipu's Tomb in the Mausoleum
50-I don't believe it will be very clean
51-St. Philomena's Church
52-St. Philomena's Church
53-Sri Chamundeswari Temple
54-Mysore at sunset from Chamundi Hill
55-In front of the Sri Chamundeswari Temple
56-Inside the Sri Chamundeswari Temple
57-Nandi Hill Park

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