Up Ron & Marjolijn's holiday pictures » 2011-03 Vietnam » 01-Saigon Slideshow

01-Riskshaw tour
02-Reunification Palace
03-Cathedral Notre Dame
04-Cathedral Notre Dame
05-Post Office
06-Post Office
07-Post Office
08-Old and new
09-Opera House
10-Bitexco Financial Tower
11-Sun Wah Properties
12-Shopping street
13-Mariamman Hindu Temple
14-Entrance Ben Thanh Market
15-In the Ben Thanh Market
16-In the Ben Thanh Market
17-In the Ben Thanh Market
18-Everywhere mopeds
19-Hundreds of mopeds
20-Family moped
21-Chua Dai Giac
22-Gymnastics at sunset
23-Old Mig's
24-Captured US helicopter
25-US bombs, in the war used to make boobytraps
26-One of the many tunnels
27-A hiding place
28-A deadly trap
29-Marjolijn is visiting a bunker
30-Another deadly trap
31-Cao Dai
32-The Cao Dai Church
33-The Cao Dai Church
34-The Cao Dai Church
35-Inside the Cao Dai Church
36-Inside the Cao Dai Church
37-Inside the Cao Dai Church
38-Inside the Cao Dai Church
39-Worshiper in the Cao Dai Church
40-Priests in the Cao Dai Church
41-More Cao Dai piests
42-Worshipers in the Cao Dai Church
43-The band in the Cao Dai Church
44-Worshipers in the Cao Dai Church
45-Worshipers in the Cao Dai Church
46-Worshipers in the Cao Dai Church

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