Up Ron & Marjolijn's holiday pictures » 2011-03 Vietnam » 07-Hoi An Slideshow

01-Harvesting the rice
02-Harvesting the rice
03-Woman in harvested rice field
04-Rice fields
05-Harvesting the rice
06-Harvested rice field
07-Rice spikes
08-Harvested rice field
09-Rice bags
10-Drying rice on the street
11-Deserted beach
12-This is the way they use mopeds for transport
13-The beach
14-Entrance memorial museum My Lai
15-Memorial monument
16-The story of My Lai
17-Bonsai trees
18-Marjolijn enjoying the sun
19-A lot of ducks, used to clean the rice fields
20-The boat that we sail on the river
21-Hoi An river side
22-Hoi An river side, a ferry
23-Oncoming transport
24-Marjolijn is steering the boat
25-Ron also tries
26-Fishing nets
27-Fishing net with heron
28-Fishing port
29-Small fishing boat
30-Street in Cam Thanh
31-Drying leaves of the water palm
32-Plowing and cleaning a fish pond
34-Bathing buffaloes
35-Biking through the country-side
36-Japanese bridge
37-Inside the Japanese bridge
38-Decorated tree
39-Vietnamese woman with merchandise
40-Entrance old Chinese merchant house
41-Entrance old Chinese merchant house
42-Entrance old Chinese merchant house
43-Entrance old Chinese merchant house
44-The market
45-The market
46-Manufacturing bags and lanterns
47-More lantarns
49-Vietnamese shoes
50-Old woman
51-Hoi An bridge
52-Along the river

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