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01-Creating a lion sculpture
02-Creating a lion sculpture
03-Beautiful transparent marble sphere
04-Beautiful marble sphere
05-All kinds of marble sculptures
06-Buddha statue in the Marble Mountains
09-Giant bell
10-Giant Buddha statue in a cave
12-Xa Loi Temple
13-Signs on the temple
15-Another cave
16-Another statue
18-The stairs to the biggest cave
19-Praying woman
21-Western entrance or exit
22-The beach
23-Linh Ung pagoda
24-Crossing the Sông Hàn River
25-Cham sculpture
26-Cham sculpture
27-Cham sculpture
28-Cham sculpture
29-Cham sculpture
30-Cham sculpture
31-View of Da Nang in a rain shower
32-Hai Van Pass, war remnants
33-Hai Van Pass, looking north
35-The pagoda
37-In the monastry
38-The pagoda from the north
39-The car in which the monk in drove to Saigon in 1963 to protest against Buddhist discrimination
40-The north Pagoda
41-Ngo Môn gate, entrance Forbidden City
42-Ngo Môn gate, entrance Forbidden City
43-Bronze tiger
44-Hall of Supreme Harmony
45-Hall of Supreme Harmony
46-Hall of Supreme Harmony
47-Bronze drums
48-Old gate
49-Some gate
50-The Temple
51-The Temple
52-Original English cell phone
53-Nine brass pots
54-Pavilion of the glorious arrival
56-The lake
57-Guard statues
59-Royal Tomb
60-Hall of Peace
61-Lotus pond
62-Beautifull tiles
63-Tiger Arena

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