Up Ron & Marjolijn's holiday pictures » 2011-03 Vietnam » 10-Bac Ha Slideshow

01-Landscape between Sapa and Lao Cai
02-Rice fields
03-Planting rice
04-Planting rice
05-Planting rice
06-Plowing a rice field
07-Simple bridge
09-Flower Hmong woman on the market
10-Flower Hmong woman with child
11-Selling vegetables
13-Flower Hmong girl
14-Flower Hmong woman selling a dog (not for food)
15-Flower Hmong woman selling incense sticks
16-Selling sugar cane
17-Marjoliojn admiring a baby
18-Detail of the Flower Hmong dress
19-Chili peppers
20-This is a Flower Hmong girl in a blue dress
21-Eating on the market
22-Cleaning fish
23-Flower Hmong girls
24-We are welcomed by the children
25-Planting rice
26-Rice fields
27-More rice fields
28-Plowing a rice field
29-Planting rice
31-A typical house, built to withstand a flood
32-The Chai River
33-Boat on the Chai River
34-Marjoliojn is leaving our boat
35-Inside the Don Moua temple
36-The bridge to Hekou in China
37-Offerings front of the Don Mou temple

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