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01-On the flower market
02-On the flower market, very early in the morning
03-On the flower market
04-He has bought all the flowers for the shop
05-On the flower market
07-Ho Chi Minh mausoleum
08-Presidential Palace
09-Ho Chi Minh House
10-In front of the Bac Ho pond
11-Chua Mot Cot pagoda
12-Ho Chi Minh Museum
13-Ho Chi Minh Museum
14-Children posing in front of the Ho Chi Minh Museum
15-In front of the Ho Chi Minh Museum
16-First courtyard and gate leading to the second
17-Well of Heavenly Clarity
18-Marjolijn posing behind the royal flower
19-Altars to Confucius and disciples
20-In the Khai Thanh Temple
21-The Vietnamese are welcoming the Dutch prince and princess
22-The Temple is closed from 12 to 13 hours
23-The photographers waiting for the guests
24-The cameramen from Blauw Bloed
25-Princess Maxima
26-Prins Willem Alexander and Princess Maxima
27-In front of the prison called Hanoi Hilton
28-Vietnamese hats
29-Saint Joseph Cathedral
30-Vietnames youth in front of a cafe
31-Den Ngoc Son in the Hoan Kiem Lake
32-On the terrace of the City View Cafe

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