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01-View of the Moses Valley
02-The Petra Mountains from a viewpoint along the road after Wadi Musa
03-Sunrise over the Petra Mountains from our hotel in Wadi Musa
04-Petra entrance
05-Petra by Night, the Treasury
06-Obilisk Tomb
07-Entrance of the Siq
08-The Siq
09-The Siq
10-First view of the Treasury
11-The Treasury
12-The Treasury
13-The Treasury
14-Exit of the Siq at the Treasury
15-Entrance to the Outer Siq from the Treasury
17-Transport in Petra
18-Transport in Petra
19-The Outer Siq after the Treasury
20-Temple at the end of the Outer Siq
21-Colored sandstone
22-The Theatre from a Royal Thomb
23-The Urn Thomb
24-Hiking above the Petra City Centre
25-View of Qasr al-Bint
26-Upper and Lower Temenos and Great Temple
27-The way to the Monastery
28-The Monastery
29-The way to the top of the world
30-The Top of the World
31-Upper and Lower Temenos and Great Temple
32-Mosaic floor in the Byzantine Church
33-Palace Tomb (left) and Corinthian Tomb (right)
34-Urn Tomb
35-Colored sandstone inside the Urn tomp
36-The Obilisk
37-The High Place of Sacrifice
38-The Royal Tombs from the High Place of Sacrifice
39-It is still too early for shopping
40-The Lion Monument
41-The Garden Tomb
42-Inside the Garden Triclinium
43-Colored sandstone
44-Colored sandstone

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