Up Ron & Marjolijn's holiday pictures » 2012-09 Sulawesi » 03-Tana Toraja Slideshow

01-Entrance to Tana Toraja Country
02-Sa'dan River
03-Entrance to the funeral site
03a-The temporary home of the decaused
04-The honorary tribune
05-Guests are bringing gifts
05a-The badang
06-Buffalo, waiting for his sacrifation
07-A sacrificed buffalo
08-The sacrificed buffalo are slaughtered
09-The meat of the buffalos is roasted
10-A pig, also sacrificed
11-The kitchen, thea and coffee
12-Preparing the meals
13-Another part of the kitchen
14-The horn of the sacrificed buffalos
15-Many horns = rich poeple
16-Old baby graves in a tree
17-Modern graves
18-Rock tombs, guarded by tau-tau statues
19-Tua-tua statues
20-Carved buffalo and buffalo horns of past sacrifices
21-Another modern grave
22-Another grave
23-Old hanging graves
24-Somewere in the country
25-Carving out a grave
26-Sawas around Rantepao
27-Sawas around Rantepao
28-A typical house in Tana Toraja country
29-Buffalo fights, part of a funeral
30-Our first hotel during the trek
31-Here women do the laundry
32-Crossing a river during the trek
33-Transporting chickens
34-Local transport
35-Beautilfull sawas
36-Beautilfull sawas
37-Beautilfull sawas
38-After slaughter, the meat is divided among the neighbors
39-Their share of the spoils
40-Walking home after the funeral
41-Walking home after the funeral
42-Beautilfull sawas
43-Our second hotel during the trek
44-The bathroom
45-Meat from the funweral is dried
46-Beautilfull sawas, the ponds are for the fish
47-Colorfull market
48-Coffee on the market

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