Up Ron & Marjolijn's holiday pictures » 2013-03 Venezuela » 02-PN Henry Pittier Slideshow

01-Caribbean Sea
02-Fishing boats
03-Waiting for the bus
04-They have big boobies in Venezuela
05-Loading ice
07-Walking to the beach
08-Children here can have fun with everything
10-On our way to Chuao
11-River laundery
12-Drying cacao beans
13-Modern art
14-They transport everthing with a moped here
15-River crossing
16-Cacao fruit
17-Beautifull place
18-Cactus are growing in the tree
19-Dry river crossing
20-Wet river crossing
21-Children playing in the river
23-Fishing boats
24-Playa Grande
25-Playa Grande
26-View from Cristo Mirador
27-Flower in the park
28-Flower in the park
30-Small waterfall
31-Flower in the park
32-Our guide
33-Trail in the park
34-Bus from Maracay
35-Church in Chorini

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