Up Ron & Marjolijn's holiday pictures » 2013-03 Venezuela » 08-Canaima Slideshow

01-The scheduled plane to Canaima
02-This is our charter plane
03-Marjolijn in front of the Cessna
04-In the Cessna
05-View from the plane
06-Cerro Bolivar
07-Rio La Paragua
08-Canaima lagoon
09-Carrao River
10-Carrao River
11-Rio Churun from Angel Falls
13-Flying into the Canon del Diablo
14-Angel Falls with a little bit water
15-Angel Falls
16-Rio Churun from Angel Falls
17-Arriving on Canaima airport
18-Canaima Lagoon
19-Salto Golondrina
20-Canaima Lagoon
21-Welcome in Canaima
22-The church in Canaima
23-Inside the church
24-That's what we did not see, so much water
25-Red macaw, from the house
27-Red macaw
28-Admiring the flowers
29-Canaima lagoon with Salto Golondrina
30-Ron is trying to pick mangos
31-Salto Golondrina
32-Salto Wadaima
33-Salto Hacha
34-The dry salto El Sapo
35-Swimming in the lagoon
36-Big tod
37-Behind the Salto Hacha
38-Behind the Salto Hacha
39-Behind the Salto Hacha
40-Behind the Salto Hacha
41-Salto shower
42-Salto Hacha
43-Rio Carrao just before the waterfalls
44-Canaima Logoon at sunset
45-Canoes above the falls to navigate the Rio Carrao
46-Rio Carrao just before the Rápidos de Mayupa
47-Rio Carrao just before the Rápidos de Mayupa
48-Our canoe is crossong a part of the Rapidos de Mayupa
49-We have to bypass the Rápidos de Mayupa by foot due to low water level
50-The start of the Rapidos de Mayupa
51-Marjolijn in the canoe on the Rio Carrao
52-On Isla Orquidea
53-The water of the river is light brown by tannins
54-The now nearly dry branch on the right of Isla Orquidea
55-Rio Carrao with Auyantepui in the background
56-Rio Carrao with Auyantepui in the background. Angel Falls is om the outer side of the mountain
57-Rio Carrao panorama on Isla Orquidea
58-Rio Carrao with Auyantepui in the background.
60-The most western part of the Auyantepui
61-forest fire, a common phenomenon
62-The first rapids of the Rápidos de Mayupa
63-Marjolijn walking to the next canoe
65-Ant nests
66-A kind of swallow
67-Canaima Lagoon from thr plane
68-Rio Caroni
69-Rio La Paragua
70-Embalse de Guri
71-Back in Cuidad Bolivar

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