Up Ron & Marjolijn's holiday pictures » 2013-03 Venezuela » 09-Orinoco Delta Slideshow

01-Our luxurious cottage in the llanos
02-Beautifull roof
03-The garden
04-Turtle in the garden
05-The harbour
06-Perhaps your next boat
07-Waiting for customers
08-Local transport
09-A house
10-Indian houses
11-Old fridge as coolbox
13-Rio Guanipa
15-Warao children
16-Our Eco Lodge in the Orinoco Delta
17-The Eco Lodge
18-A Chicken eating chicken
18-Warao indians at the lodge
19-Warao indians at the lodge
20-Our cottage
21-At high tide the river flows under the cottage
22-Our bed inside the cottage
23-The path above the river
24-Boots for walking in the mangrove
27-Flower of the watercacao
28-Orinoco sunset
29-Fried piranha, tasty fish
31-The dining room
32-Indian family
33-The river from the lodge
34-Indians selling homemade trinkets
35-Fresh fish
36-Blue ara
37-Visit to an indian house
38-Visit to an indian house
39-Visit to an indian house
40-The river is filled with the water hyacinth

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