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01-Awra Amba Community
02-Awra Amba Community
03-Awra Amba Community
04-Awra Amba Community
05-Awra Amba Community
06-Awra Amba Community
07-Local well
08-Woman at the well
09-Devil's Nose
10-Laundry day
11-A warm welcome at the Four SistersRestaurant
12-Fasil Castle in Fasil Ghebbi
13-Glimpse into the castle
14-Eyasu Castle in Fasil Ghebbi
15-Intrance to Debre Birhan Selassie
16-Debre Birhan Selassie (church)
17-Murals in the church
18-Murals in the church
20-The sacristan
21-Around the church
22-Around the church
23-Around the church
24-A clock made from a truck rim
25-Around the Fasilida's pool
26-Fasilida's pool, location of the Timkat Festival
27-Fasilida's pool
28-Around the Fasilida's pool
29-Around the Fasilida's pool
30-Gondar from the Goha Hotel
31-Marjolijn got the wedding flowers
32-Wedding flowers

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