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01-Descent of Semien Mountains
02-Descent of Semien Mountains
03-Descent of Semien Mountains
04-School children
05-Local in Adi Ar Kay
06-Simien Mountains from Adi Ar Kay
07-Children in Adi Ar Kay
08-Children in Adi Ar Kay
09-Landscape between Adi Ar Kay and Tekeze River
10-Landscape between Adi Ar Kay and Tekeze River
11-Landscape between Adi Ar Kay and Tekeze River
12-Bridge over Tekeze River
13-The dirt road between Debark and Axum is paved
14-Child in Grace Village
15-Child in Grace Village
16-Child in Grace Village
17-Mother in Grace Village
18-Baby in Grace Village
19-Collapsed King Remhai Stele
20-Engravings in the King Remhai Stele
21-King Ezana Stele
22-Remhai's Tomb
23-King Ezana Stele
24-King Ezana Stele
25-Tsion Maryam Church
26-Tsion Maryam Church
27-On the top of the church
28-Inside the church
29-A page in the Holy Book
30-The priest in the Tsion Maryam Church
31-The sanctified building which kept the Ark of the Covenant
32-Church visitor
33-Threshing teff, an Ethiopian cereal

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