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01-Believers around the churches
02-A very old believer
03-Bet Medhane Alem
04-Inside Bet Medhane Alem
05-Inside Bet Medhane Alem
06-Inside Bet Medhane Alem
07-Inside Bet Medhane Alem
08-The priest of Bet Medhane Alem
09-The priest of Bet Medhane Alem
10-Marjolijn in front of Bet Medhane Alem
11-The tunnel to Bet Maryam
12-Inside Bet Maryam with a second floor
13-Inside Bet Maryam
14-Inside Bet Maryam
15-The priest of Bet Maryam
16-The priest of Bet Maryam
17-Lalibela's grave
18-Inside Bet Mikael
19-Inside Bet Golgotha
20-In front of theTomb of Adam
23-Tourist shop
24-Marjolijn in front of Beth Giyorgis
25-Beth Giyorgis
27-Beth Giyorgis
28-Beth Giyorgis
29-The tunnel to Beth Giyorgis
31-Praying in front of Beth Giyorgis
32-The priest of Beth Giyorgis
33-Beth Giyorgis
33-Hermit's cavers
34-Around the churches
35-The bridge to Bet Gebriel-Rafael
36-Bet Gebriel-Rafael
37-Bet Gebriel-Rafael
38-Entrance door Bet Gebriel-Rafael
39-Bet Lehem
40-Bet Emanuel
41-The priest of Bet Emanuel
42-Marjolijn waiting outside
43-The tunnel to Bet Mercurios
44-Bet Mercurios
45-Bet Mercurios
46-Around the churches
47-Typical house in Laliberla
48-The surroundings of Lalibela
49-A coffee ceremony special for us
50-Mountainous Ethiopia from the air
51-Descending in Addis Ababa

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