Up Ron & Marjolijn's holiday pictures » 2013-11 Ethiopia » 08-Arba Minch Slideshow

01-Rush hour at the well
02-Woman in Kulito
03-Main street in Sodo
04-Local wheelbarrows
05-Scaffold from Eucalyptus trees
08-Saltlicking butterflies
10-Abaya Lake
11-Typical Chencha house
12-Inside the house, calabashes
13-Inside the house
14-The house owner
15-Wool spinning
16-Preparing false banana leaves
17-Preparing false banana leaves for pancakes
18-Fermentated grated banana leaves
19-Baking pancakes from grated false banan leaves
20-Baking pancakes from grated false banan leaves
21-Chencha woman
22-Chencha woman
23-Chencha children
23a-Chencha children
24-Chencha girl
25-Chencha girl
26-Dancing for the tourists
27-Women carry their burden on the mountain
28-Abaya Lake sunrise
29-A herd on the road, a normal picture in Ethiopia
30-Exploring Chamo Lake
31-Pelicans on Chamo Lake
33-Dancing pelicans
34-Chamo Lake
35-Giant crocodile

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