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01-Landscape in the Mago National Park
02-Landscape in the Mago National Park
03-Mursi girl and child
04-Skin decoration with thick welts
05-Mursi woman with lipplate
06-Mursi woman with removed lipplate
07-Mursi woman with lipplate
08-Mursi girl
09-Mursi woman with her child
10-Child close-up
11-Woman close-up
12-Muri girls
12a-Mursi girls
13-Mursi women with lipplate
14-Mursi woman with lipplate
15-Mursi woman with lipplate
16-Mursi girl
17-Skin decoration with thick welts
18-Mursi boy and girl
19-Painted Mursi girl
20-Mursi girl
21-Mursi girl
22-Mursi people
23-Mursi guy on stilts
24-Hamar girls on the road
25-On the market in Alduba
26-On the market in Alduba
27-On the market in Alduba
28-Hamar man
29-Hamar woman
30-Hamar woman
31-Hamar woman
32-Hamar man
33-Hamar woman
34-Hamar women
35-Ari boy and girl
36-Hamar woman decorations
37-Hamar woman decorations
38-Ari women
39-Hamar women
40-Hamar drinking low alcoholic beer
41Hamar drinking high alcoholic spirits
42-Hamar man
43-Hamar woman
44-Hamar man
45-Hamar man
46-Hamar house
46a-Hamar house
47-Hamar woman, the first wife
49-Hamar girl
49-Hamar woman, the first wife
50-Hamar woman, the first wife
51-Hamar woman
53-Hamar woman, the first wife

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