Up Ron & Marjolijn's holiday pictures » 2016-04 Japan » 17-Nara Slideshow

01-Wild deer all over the city
02-Food stall
03-Earthquake simulator
04-Another food stall
05-Nandai-mon Gate from Todai-ji
08-The Great Buddha in the Todai-ji
09-Kokuzo Bosatsu in the Todai-ji
10-incense burning
11-The hand of the Great Buddha
13-Wild deer in the Nara Park
14-Kasuga Taisha
15-Kasuga Taisha
16-Kasuga Taisha
17-Kasuga Taisha
18-Kasuga Taisha
19-Kasuga Taisha, wedding couple
20-Kouhukuji Temple
21-Kouhukuji Temple
22-Kofukuji pagoda

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